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Week 16 of Weight Training: Another Setback

For whatever reason, I felt sluggish and lazy this past week and so I didn’t do any exercise. I was still being my normal active self and watched what I ate. But apparently that wasn’t enough. So I gained another pound and am up back to 226.5 pounds. For 16 weeks I have 15.5 lost pounds to show for it.

Obviously, this is a set back and I just have to keep wading through the obstacles. I started this week by exercising first thing this morning and I am planning to continue doing so this whole week. Let’s see how well I follow through with that plan.

Week 15 of Weight Training: Up 2 Pounds But Undaunted

This time around I behaved, ate what I was supposed to and even exercised for a change. But alas, this time on the scale sees me 2 pounds heavier. Either my bad eating from weeks before caught up with me or once again, because I started working out I’m gaining muscle mass. It could also be a bit of both.

Regardless, I don’t feel bad about this turn of events. I feel lighter than I have in some time. I definitely feel more energetic and all my clothes are much looser than they have been in some time. These things make me know that I’m going in the right direction and I just need to continue with the exercising and the good eating. I’m sure next week I’ll once again lose those 2 pounds and possibly even more.