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The NoF Ezine Is Up And Running

As I mentioned in an update of an earlier post, the NoF Ezine turned blog now has their blog up and running. The name of the blog is “NoF Geek And Gamer Pants Party” and is of course hosted on wordpress.com. The head of the new blog asked me for some aid and I gladly helped organize the layout and design of the site. With wordpress.com it’s all a matter of picking a theme you like and organizing some widgets to your liking but I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.


I also have a TV review of “Fairly Legalposted there so by all means check out the site if just to read my article 🙂

No Resolutions This Time Around

A new year has come and gone and this time I decided not to do any resolutions. I’ve come to the realization that I just never come through on any of them and therefore there is no need for this pressure on my life, only to end up in failure once again.

One of the things that made me come to this realization is that I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’m a consumer and not a producer of content. If my two failed podcasts and my irregular blog entries aren’t evidence of this I don’t know what is.

Take the New Year’s three day holiday weekend I had. Instead of doing anything creative or productive with my time I spent it watching episode after episode of a TV series called Psych (all 5 seasons). Upon watching this marathon of content I saw actress Sarah Shahi, who I’m a fan of, on one of the episodes of Psych and wondered if she was doing anything presently. I discovered she is going to be on a new series on USA network and promptly subscribed to it on Hulu.

Instead of looking forward to doing something creative I just look forward to more stuff to take up my time. Even this blog entry took a backseat to other more recreational tasks. AS I’m finishing this entry I’m watching the NFC divisional playoff match between the Packers and the Falcons.

So to sum up. I look forward to entertaining myself than to doing something creative. Last year wasn’t too bad. It definitely started promising but then dwindled down during the Summer and pretty much came down to a halt in the Fall and Winter. Let’s see if I do better or worse for 2011.