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The Seduction Of Escapism

Once again this blog of mine has fallen into a lull and I haven’t really written in some months. And the story is pretty much the same or close to it. These past few months have been hard financially which resulted in me becoming more self-loathing and looking for ways to entertain myself at home rather than going out to comedy shows because of lack of funds. This in turn made me become more reclusive and less sociable and I began to look for fictional and more interesting worlds to escape into. The medicine of choice these past few months have been mostly anime and manga. As much as I tell everyone and anyone  how crazy I believe the Japanese are they make some amazing fiction. I couldn’t believe I haven’t fallen into that void sooner. I had a few run-ins with anime in high school and College (the last great anime shows I saw in those days were Cowboy Bebop, Big O and Inuyasha) but with Netflix having such a large selection I started dabbling and neck-deep I went in to the anime pool.

I then came to realize that there are a bunch of sites where you can read manga and I started to read the manga versions of the anime I was watching. I came to realize that the mangas were several times better and I just kept going deeper and deeper into these fictional worlds and completely forgetting about this blog and anything else in the real world (well within reason, I still go to work and take care of all my other adult real-life responsibilities).

Anyway, long story short, I started coming out of my anime/manga haze a little and realized that it has been many months since I blogged. And I posted one or two entries since I came to that realization but it has been a chore. It so much more fun and easier to continue on in escapism. When I wasn’t reading manga or watching anime I was of course reading other works of fiction and watching other shows (I recently watched all of “Revenge” and now know what all the hype is about).

So here I am back, for now. Don’t know when the next compulsion to completely indulge into escapism will take effect but I’ll try my best to moderate it somewhat. It will be hard, no lie. Especially with all the TV premiers coming back. Anyone watch Castle or Parks and Recreation? They’ve been good thus far. Glad to see them back.

Missed A Week Of Blogging

So my regular weekly Weight Training blog updates have stopped being just that. I forgot to post anything last week regarding my weight issues and I guess that pretty much ends that series. To get you guys up to speed on that, I dropped back down 2 pounds in those past two weeks (back down to 223 pounds). Other than my retail job that has me moving more than my past sedentary jobs, I haven’t really done much in regular exercise or moderating what I eat. I’ve been really focusing on my training of my new job and just lost my focus on fitness. Despite that I have lost 2 pounds and I’m grateful for that.

When I did have free time, I used it for more escapism but more on that in another blog entry. I do feel  a little bad that I wasn’t able to keep up with my post-a-week pledge but there have been some weeks where I did more than one post so I guess this isn’t too bad. Oh well. At least you know what I’ve been doing. Just distracted with mundanity. Sometimes that isn’t such a bad thing.