Christopher Eccleston did a Doctor Who Q&A | Boing Boing

Christopher Eccleston did a Doctor Who Q&A | Boing Boing

Christopher Eccleston did a Doctor Who Q&A | Boing Boing

For you fellow Doctor Who Fans who enjoyed Chris Eccleston’s run as the 9th Doctor, check out that Q&A. It’s a treat to hear his thoughts playing the Doctor, favorite episodes, etc.

What Resolutions for 2013 Will I Plan On Breaking?

Before I blog on any possible resolutions I’d like to make for the new year, I like to look back at previous blog entries to see how I’ve fared. I realized that I didn’t even write one for 2012. Not only that but in 2011 I wrote that I would no longer make resolutions. How quickly I’ve forgotten. It’s true, I don’t fare well with keeping any of my resolutions. But then again most of us don’t, right?

It’s a little fun to do I suppose. To give ourselves goals to strive for and to try to accomplish them. This past year I’ve improved my health quite a bit, made attempts at eating vegan around March and have lost around 30 or so pounds. Towards the end of this year my good eating habits have gone a bit to the wayside but I still try to recover myself and go back to eating vegan.

What I want to do is improve on my vegan eating efforts of course, find a permanent full-time job with 9-5 hours or something close to it, try to move back into Manhattan (Brooklyn is nice but I’m a Manhattan native and that’s where I belong), and change my TV watching habits. I watch a lot of TV, I know I do and I’m not sure if I can quite curb my quantity. The goal is to improve its quality.

One way I intend to approach this is by no longer checking out new shows. I keep adding on the queue new shows to try them. No more. I have enough shows that I watch that won’t be leaving anytime soon. Plus I have a Netflix account. If I want to try a new show, there is a slew of old great shows that I haven’t watched that I can check out there. In fact, I just started watching “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”.

Another thing I’m realizing is that I’m liking British shows more and more as expose myself to them. Doctor Who is a given but one of my new favorites is Downton Abbey (which will be premiering on PBS on 1/6/13). The Masterpiece Mystery and Masterpiece Classics are great platforms to get acquainted with British programming. There is also a slew of British shows on Netflix as well.

So those are the goals for 2013. I think the odds are about the same on how well I’ll be able to keep to my vegan diet or be able to curb my TV watching. Though honestly the TV goal may have a slight edge. British television is really good. I won’t really be twisting my arm to watch.