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If We Could All See Through The Looking Glass

There seems to be a ripple going throughout the world that is causing tension and anxieties to arise all around. In places like the US, Brazil, England, Germany, etc., it has taken the form of prejudices and Far Right, Nationalistic ideals. People are blaming foreign elements or those that are different from them, as the cause of their woes. In the US, there have been some domestic terrorist attacks that arose prior to the Mid-Term elections. I can’t speak on other nations as I don’t follow anyone else that closely but I’m sure if it hasn’t happened yet, there will be violence in other places as well.

What people fail to see, from my perspective, is that the true root cause of their issues are economical and nothing more. We all live in a global capitalistic business model. What is the function of corporations in a capitalistic business model? Profit of course. How do you make profit? Exploitation and cutting costs to improve profit margins.

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History Always Repeats Itself

Over this past week, while I was sick in bed and not being able to do much of anything except get better, I came to a realization that has finally given me inner-peace. The irony is that these same four words use to be a source of frustration at the injustice of society and the world at large. “History always repeats itself.” It used to frustrate me because it boggled my mind how today’s leaders seem to repeat the mistakes of empires and recessions past and so on. I mean if every empire collapsed within itself because of overextension and maxing out on resources that were eventually  too costly, how can we be doing the same thing again?

The reason is of course that “history always repeats itself”. Nations rise and fall. Most of them become forgotten. Few are ever remembered but the end result is the same. Same thing with people. We live, we grow old, we die. Only a few of us are remembered and only a very minute few get immortalized (at least for now). With this mind, nothing I can do will change anything and so I should cease from needless worrying.

Some may see this as fatalistic and to some extent they are right. However, at least for myself, it’s also a very realistic point of view.  Ideals are good things to sought for but the reality is never close to achieving them. Just look at socialism and capitalism. They’re both idealistically beautiful in their own way but the reality of those societies are more dystopic than utopic.  Suffering and inequality are both a part of our societal paradigms and they can never be expunged.

That is why, instead of constantly worrying about the problems of today and possible problems of tomorrow I now just try to make the best of my days.  Work to eat and enjoy comforts and pleasures whenever I can get them.  Luckily for me I don’t have any offsprings or this mindset would be a lot harder to achieve. And I am human and as such I will falter and gripe about some news headline someday.  But as long as I keep that four-word phrase withing my consciousness (history always repeats itself), I’ll find my path again and continue on my way to the end.