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Going To Try And Refocus On The Blog

So with the podcast no more I should hopefully have more time dedicated to this here blog.  I have some ideas on some things I hope to write about in the future (since I didn’t get around to posting them in audio form), so it should work out nicely.  Just wanted to write a quick hello for now and let you know I did not forget you dear readers. I’ll be back shortly with something else worthwhile.

Redesigned the old website

Anyone who has checked out the site the past few days will have noticed that there has been constant tinkering going on. I created my original homepage with the Mac product, iWeb. Since getting my new computer, I realized that I’ve lost an essential iWeb file that prevented me from making updates to the site unless I started from scratch. From this little disaster, a simple idea began to manifest. Continue reading “Redesigned the old website”