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Barack and his disappointing stance on gay marriages

As I went into my myspace account, for one of the last times, I noticed out of the corner of my eyes some videos called “Presidential Dialogues – Super Dialogue”. Needless to say my curiosity was piqued and I caught some videos about Obama’s stance on gay marriages. Now gay marriages isn’t really the biggest issue for me; however, this is a civil rights issue. Because of this, I found his answer very disappointing; especially, because he’s attempting to break the racial barrier and be the first black president of the United States yet, he won’t allow gays to be married. How perplexing is that?!

Sure he softens the blow by saying that he’ll do the best he can to make sure that “civil unions” of gay people have the same rights as that of a heterosexual marriage. He just won’t call it a marriage. I’m sorry but this type of compromising doesn’t bode well for the future and what his decisions might be on more serious and more controversial issues if he does end up winning the Presidency.

Down below are the myspace links to those videos so you can check them out yourselves:

Super Dialogue: Barack Obama – Part 4 of 10

Super Dialogue: Barack Obama – Part 6 of 10