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Pastures Aren’t Always Greener On The Other Side

I’ve come to realize that I am truly fickle-minded. Especially when it comes to gadgets. Not too long ago I said that I was interested in the Nexus 4. However, LG seems unable to keep up with demand and it’s always in a sold-out state. Add to that, my current smartphone, the HTC One X, seems to have more glitches than when I first bought it. Or maybe I’m tired of having to deal with glitches in general.

This experience has definitely steered me away from any and all Android variants. It’s either the Nexus or nothing from here on. Unfortunately, as I just mentioned, it isn’t readily available. In fact from the inception of the Nexus line it alway seemed that you had to jump through hoops to get one.

As much as I am a gadget enthusiast I’m a consumer first and the consumer experience has always been priority for me. And as reluctant as I am to admit it, Apple is tops when it comes to customer service and the customer experience in general. The iPhone 5 is readily available in all their stores and in all carriers’ brick and mortar store as well. Just walk in and buy one. And I know what to expect with the iPhone. Yeah I mentioned that I’m a little bored of the interface as I’ve used an iPhone for about 3 years and with few exceptions I know all the tricks. But on top of knowing what to expect, there aren’t any glitches with the interface and all the apps I use o iOS are pretty consistent and efficient across the board.

That has been my experience with iOS at least. I can’t say the same for my Android experience. And now that Google Maps is once again available for the iPhone. It’s pretty much a no-brainer. I’m back on Team iPhone. At least for another 2 years. Maybe by the then, Google will have the same great customer service backing their Nexus line which will then make it a more appealing device for me because of its customization abilities as well. We shall see.

Still On The Fence About Android

I really want to take the plunge and switch to an Android device. I’m currently an iPhone user, as you regular readers know, and though I can’t find any real fault with my phone (bad 3G connections in certain parts of NYC, lack of 4G LTE and no Swype notwithstanding) I feel like I’m ready to try something different. I’ve been using an iPhone since the 3G and for about 4 years have thoroughly enjoyed the app store and the upgrades and evolution of iOS. It’s just that Android seems to be more innovative, customizable and new that I’ve been itching to try it since Gingerbread and the promise of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). Well it’s finally here and there are some new phones with it already and some new ones on the way that got my attention; however, there are some cons that are still keeping me on the fence for some reason or other.

HTC One S/X:

I read a lot of blog reviews on the HTC One S and X and I like just about everything about it. The limitation of storage capacity is the only knock on it and unfortunately it’s a big one for me. For whatever reason, HTC decided to release this phone on T-Mobile and on AT&T with just 16GB of storage capacity of which only 12 is actually available for use and without an expansion microSD slot. They try to curtail most of the storage space gripes by offering 25GB of free storage space with Dropbox for 2 yrs (basically the term of your cell phone contract). This would be a cool feature for me if docs and pictures were what took up most of my storage space. Of course this isn’t the case. I mainly use up the storage space of my 32GB iPhone with podcasts and music.

I’m guessing that this suppose to push people who get this phone to switch over to more cloud and data oriented services like streaming music and podcast apps. This of course may lead to overages if you go over your current data plan or upgrade to a higher one (if you’re not on Sprint or T-Mobile that is). I myself on average never go past 1GB of data on my plan.

I will be experimenting this month on my phone by streaming most my podcasts and music with Stitcher Radio, Slacker, Pandora, and iTunes Match to see how much space I need if I hardly use any and gauge how close I’ll get to my 2GB data limit. So far it’s not too promising on the storage end. Currently my phone still has 2.8GB of audio, .45GB of photos and 10GB of apps for a grand total of 13.25GB of space. With this scenario I would have to also limit how many apps I could have on a HTC One X phone.

Samsung Galaxy S III:

Today was Samsung’s big unveiling of their new Samsung Galaxy S III phone that will be available in the States sometime in June (May 29 in Europe). This phone answers all my concerns that I have with the HTC One X by offering 32GB and 64GB models as well as an option for expansion with a microSD slot. On top of that they also offer 50GB of storage space with Dropbox (that’s 25 more than with HTC!). The one knock on this device for me, though it might not be a complete killer, is the HD Super AMOLED Pentile screen display. Apparently it is more pixellated than a Super LCD screen and it is a real battery killer. One of the things I love about my iPhone is how I never have to worry about it dying on me while I’m out and about. I just charge it overnight and it’s good to go the next day. Also being used to Retina display I don’t know how I would feel about going back to a pixellated screen. I’m going to wait till June when the phone comes out so I can check it out at the local AT&T store before I make my final judgements about this device.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs. HTC One X:

Based on what I’ve read Samsung has HTC beat on just about every category except the screen. HTC has Samsung beat on the look and feel of their phone. Again like I said before, I’m going to have to wait to see both phones so I can play with them both and see what I think about them.

The New iPhone On The Horizon:

Then of course there are the rumors of the new iPhone that is on the horizon with some kind of liquid metal casing and a new 4″ display. The WWDC will be happening in June, quashing most of the rumors and confirming others. I really hope the rumor about the new iPhone having 4G LTE is true. Like I said I really can’t find any fault on my iPhone 4 other than I’m a little bored with it and I wish it had Swype and 4G LTE.

The iPhone will most likely be available to buy in September which is exactly when my contract is up and I’m free to jump ship or get a new 2 yr-contract with AT&T. Being on the fence, I’ll most likely stick it out with my current device until then before I make any final decision. I really want to make a switch but it’s looking more and more like I’ll just get an updated version of what I already have.

What are your thoughts on the new Smartphones becoming available? I’d like to discuss.

At Odds With My Technological Geeky Impulsive Self

I know it was only a few posts ago that I mentioned I decided to stick with iTunes Match which implies that I’ll also be sticking with my iPhone for another year. But of course that would be too easy. I keep forgetting my inquisitiveness and my enthusiasm for everything tech, not to mention my compulsion to want to try out new and different things.

So for no apparent reason, except because I’m me, I decided to check out my upgrade options on AT&T when I stumbled upon a gem. I have an opportunity to snag a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S II for only $9.99! Of course the tech geek in me was jumping up and down for glee and I had such an impulse to just hit the buy button, but my cooler head prevailed and I decided to talk it over with my wife first.

Of course this wasn’t her first time enduring my hot and cold tech-impulsive whimsies and a migraine began to surface for her as soon as I laid out this great deal. Immediately Claudia began to shoot down this idea. “What’s wrong with your current phone?” she asked. Though I know she is an Apple loyalist and this stance of hers was entirely expected, she wasn’t without a point. The truth of the matter is that my iPhone 4 is perfectly fine. It does what it does and there is nothing technically wrong with it. The only real issue I have with it, if anything, is its lack of Swype and Google app integration.

Yes, I’m the metaphorical dog with two bones. I got an iPhone for its aesthetics, uniformity and it’s customer-friendly user interface (not to mention that I have a MacBook Pro so obviously an iPhone makes sense). But of course I lament the closed-ecosystem of Apple and I crave the merits and potential of the Android phone and OS.

In this little debate I brought up my points (The phone is only $10.00. I can sell my iPhone on Gazelle and get about $162.00 for it . Minus the cost of a case and the $17.00 upgrade fee I’m up $100.00). I think I expressed myself quite convincingly and even believed myself, about what a great idea this was. Claudia then brought up how I’m never satisfied with technology and that I’ll be complaining about this new phone and how it isn’t working and so on. This argument would work if she hadn’t mention that “I’m never satisfied”. This means that I’m already griping about my iPhone as it is, so not much would change except the hardware.

She tried to use other examples of how she has had to deal with people lamenting how they never should have switched from an iPhone to an Android phone and eventually go back to their original Apple device. Of course she reluctantly admits that these examples won’t necessarily apply to me since I’m relatively computer savvy and these complainers didn’t know the home button from the on/off button.

Realizing how set I seemed with my decision to switch platforms Claudia used her Ace and Joker up her sleeves. First the Ace. She looked at me imploringly and then looked away and remained silent. I, thinking victory was within my grasp but not without some repercussions, emphatically asked if she was mad at me. She stayed with her back facing me, sighed and said, “No I’m not mad, just disappointed”. Talk about passive aggressive and just plain dirty! Of course, I started laughing hysterically. How dare she tried to use an old “Mother knows best” move. She, after a while, laughed along because she knew that was a low blow. But then Claudia played the Joker. The old wild card that might just work and then again it may be an Old Hail Mary with no result.

Claudia sobered up and let me know that she will be fine with my decision, as long as I’m completely sure of it, I won’t have any regrets and I won’t do anything crazy or get into a Tasmanian devil frenzy I sometimes get when things aren’t working like they’re suppose to. She also questioned that I look up the warranty and see that the phone be adequately covered. That way, if I end up with a lemon I can replace it with a working phone. I agreed and was ready to celebrate my victory. But doubt started to linger like an old familiar scent and it was just getting stronger the more I thought about my decision.

Is she right? Am I really too impulsive and hasty with my tech purchases? It’s true I have had a few situations where I was immediately dissatisfied with something and I quickly returned those items. Yes those items happen to be non-Apple products and were replaced with Apple products, but does that mean this pattern will repeat itself with the Samsung Galaxy S II? That Joker really played a number on me.

I began to research warranties and saw that I can get a really good one by SquareTrade for $124. So if you do the math (17+9.99+124+34.99-162=?) I end up owing $24 or so at the end of all this. I don’t make any money out of this anymore, but it’s still cheaper than if I were to buy a new case for my current iPhone (something I was planning to do when I saw the Andy Warhol cases in a catalogue. Wow, I really am impulsive, aren’t I?).

This is my current impasse. Should I stay or should I go? Do I buy the refurbished Android device or just let things be and run out the final year of my contract with my iPhone 4? Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.