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SNL Parody of “iPhone 5 flaws”

Just saw this wonderful SNL skit parodying the complaints that a lot of people seem to have with the new iPhone 5:

As much as I giggled watching this I couldn’t help but think back to Louis C.K.’s rant on Conan.

It really is amazing about our perspective on what we think sucks depending on the situation we’re in.

Cartagena, Colombia

I’ve never been to my mother’s homeland of Colombia. But if I ever have the means to visit it would be to the city of Cartagena. Most people currently know about this city because of the recent Secret Service Scandal, but, that notwithstanding, it’s a great tourist spot. Down below are two episodes of the show “Vive Colombia,” which is funded by Colombia’s Ministry of Commerce, that gives you a glimpse of what Cartagena has to offer to any and all tourists.

Heads up! It’s in Spanish. Wonderful Colombian Spanish. One of the finest Spanish accents out there if not the best. Then again, I may be bias. I hope you enjoy the episodes as much as I did.

Part 1

Part 2

Pop Song by Jon Lajoie

I came to know about Jon Lajoie as “Taco” from FX’s hillarious show “The League”. Turns out that he is a musical comedian and has a lot of videos and songs on his website. Through comedy news blog, Laugh Spin, I found his newest video spoofing online dating.

This video compelled me to check out his site and there I found the “Pop Song” video that I found so funny I had to share it. Enjoy!