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If We Could All See Through The Looking Glass

There seems to be a ripple going throughout the world that is causing tension and anxieties to arise all around. In places like the US, Brazil, England, Germany, etc., it has taken the form of prejudices and Far Right, Nationalistic ideals. People are blaming foreign elements or those that are different from them, as the cause of their woes. In the US, there have been some domestic terrorist attacks that arose prior to the Mid-Term elections. I can’t speak on other nations as I don’t follow anyone else that closely but I’m sure if it hasn’t happened yet, there will be violence in other places as well.

What people fail to see, from my perspective, is that the true root cause of their issues are economical and nothing more. We all live in a global capitalistic business model. What is the function of corporations in a capitalistic business model? Profit of course. How do you make profit? Exploitation and cutting costs to improve profit margins.

The cost of living has been increasing worldwide, and global salaries aren’t waning and not keeping up to these rising costs. Plus, most if not all, non-skilled jobs are going to automation, increasing the chances and opportunities of unemployment worldwide. This anxiety of growing irrelevance is affecting the human psyche on a global scale.

The go to action for most humans is to lash out and blame somebody for their problems. “The immigrants are stealing our jobs” or “An increase of Muslims, Jews, etc., are going to have dramatic effects on our societies”.  These are emotional and non-logical approaches to their problems. It’s also myopic and shortsighted. However, emotion is illogical, and it gives a momentary salve to the anxieties that people are facing, regarding their economic futures.

Politicians use these identity politics to weave and manipulate the masses to get elected into office and further the aims of corporations to perpetuate their suffering.

Identity politics is the biggest wedge issue that plagues human society. If we can deviate, take a step back and look at the problem as a whole and not focus on “our side of the equation” we could conceivably come up with better results.

As it stands, some choose to stay blissfully ignorant, some choose to wallow in identity politics, some choose to stay engrossed on domestic issues, and some just accept their fate and do nothing.

I personally waver between complacency and acceptance of the status quo and/or getting engaged in conversations and intellectual discourse of the state of affairs and what can we do about it.

I hope others can also become more progressive and active with current events and choose advocacy over complacency.  Otherwise, who knows how worse our situations will become.

SNL Parody of “iPhone 5 flaws”

Just saw this wonderful SNL skit parodying the complaints that a lot of people seem to have with the new iPhone 5:

As much as I giggled watching this I couldn’t help but think back to Louis C.K.’s rant on Conan.

It really is amazing about our perspective on what we think sucks depending on the situation we’re in.

Debates Worth Watching

I’m sure a lot of people are disenfranchised about today’s politics as I am and I was especially dissatisfied with the last presidential debate of this country’s mainstream and overexposed candidates and their lackluster and uninformative debate. It was nothing but propaganda and talking points that have been regurgitated for so many years by both parties that it has become nothing more than white noise.  If you heard this weeks presidential debate you will have heard nothing new except for a lot of lies and misapplied facts that did nothing more than perhaps confuse an already uninformed public.

A good alternative I found to this was the “extended” debate that was held by Democracy Now! with the 3rd party candidates from the Green and Justice parties. Not only did you hear the nonsense that was spewed by both Romney and Obama but you also got to hear alternative opinions that you won’t be hearing during the regular debates (because the Commission of Presidential Debates are run by both the Democratic and Republican parties and the one thing they both agree is to keep 3rd party candidates out of the debates and the public eye).

Also, John Stewart and Bill O’Reilly decided to have a debate of their own. Even though they aren’t running for president and they aren’t politicians, it was still, in my opinion, more informative and definitely more entertaining than the real one. They tackled a lot of serious issues and contrasted their pundit point of views on some of the issues that were discussed in the Presidential debates plus other issues that weren’t. I believe that John Stewart of course came 0ut on top by pulling the veil from a lot of O’Reilly’s props that he used to push his “fair and balanced” arguments. I had no problem spending $4.95 to download and watch this debate and I recommend that anyone who is politically and socially conscious or who has questions about the state of this nation should find $5.0o and download this immediately. You’ll laugh, you’ll scream in anger at the opposing point of view, but more importantly you’ll be informed.  And that should be the point of a debate.

Definitely check out both these options to get a better picture and scope of the issues that are affecting our country and what other options you have as a voter.