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Establishment Democrats, Progressive, Socialist, and Somewhere In Between

In recent months I’ve been discussing politics more and more with a few coworkers of mine and it was interesting seeing where our viewpoints were parallel and where they diverged. One coworker’s viewpoints leaned socialistic, the other one was more in line with the current Democratic Party and the Establishment Democrats. My viewpoints were somewhere in between those viewpoints. I definitely agreed with the Socialist that the system is corrupted and that money needs to be taken out of politics for the betterment of society. I even agreed with him that the global economic state of capitalism is the root of all the suffering because the business model is the pursuit of profit at the expense of everything else. All the wars and suffering and climate change can point towards capitalism as the cause and effect. I however, don’t have his optimism of belief that a global social consciousness will erupt out of all the economic disparity and turmoil that is currently happening. At least, not in our lifetime.

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If We Could All See Through The Looking Glass

There seems to be a ripple going throughout the world that is causing tension and anxieties to arise all around. In places like the US, Brazil, England, Germany, etc., it has taken the form of prejudices and Far Right, Nationalistic ideals. People are blaming foreign elements or those that are different from them, as the cause of their woes. In the US, there have been some domestic terrorist attacks that arose prior to the Mid-Term elections. I can’t speak on other nations as I don’t follow anyone else that closely but I’m sure if it hasn’t happened yet, there will be violence in other places as well.

What people fail to see, from my perspective, is that the true root cause of their issues are economical and nothing more. We all live in a global capitalistic business model. What is the function of corporations in a capitalistic business model? Profit of course. How do you make profit? Exploitation and cutting costs to improve profit margins.

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Social Networks Are Losing Their Hold On Me

It’s been some time since my last post. One significant change since then is my lack of Social Network interaction. I removed Facebook and Twitter from my devices about two months. I deleted my Instagram account a while ago. Oh yeah, I removed Snapchat from my phone recently as well. I just don’t see the point in any of them. At least not for me.

If anything, they were a big time suck. There were times when I felt I “needed” to go on them to “feel connected” with the world and those around me. Other times, I would go down my newsfeeds and then realized that I wasted hours away and have to rush other things the rest of my day. There was never a moderate way to use social networks. More importantly, I didn’t feel more connected to anyone using them. If anything, I felt more isolated from everyone and more of a stalker than a participant of some post on any of these social networks.

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