Pop Song by Jon Lajoie

I came to know about Jon Lajoie as “Taco” from FX’s hillarious show “The League”. Turns out that he is a musical comedian and has a lot of videos and songs on his website. Through comedy news blog, Laugh Spin, I found his newest video spoofing online dating.

This video compelled me to check out his site and there I found the “Pop Song” video that I found so funny I had to share it. Enjoy!



Not Thrilled About Community Being Shelved For The Midseason

Yet again, another show that I hold dear to my heart is in threat of being cancelled. This has been an affliction of my that dates back to my childhood when I fell for a show called “Manimal” and then “The Wizard“. The most recent show prior to Community was of course Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse”; though it did have a series finale of sorts.

Anyway, back to the present, NBC is currently shelving “Community” for the mid-season, 30 Rock is taking it’s 8pm slot and somehow Whitney, the unfunny show with a laugh-track, oh sorry, live audience, is still going strong (do they still do that dated sitcom format?). Not to knock another show, for doing better, but really?! I tried watching Whitney for 2 episodes and just gave up. It didn’t make me laugh. Community on the other hand surprises me in every episode with a new take on the sitcom format, going into odd twists and turns making great geeky references and just making me burst into laughing fits with each line of hilariously clever dialogue. How is it that so few people are watching this show. Oh, right, it competes with American Idol every year and this current season pins “Community” against the rating juggernauts known as “Big Bang Theory” and “The X Factor“.

30 Rock should definitely fare better against that lot but why not give “Community” a shot after “The Office” at the 9:30 slot? Oh well, what’s done is done. Naturally there are some ways to help support this show to come back on the air. I opted for the “Save Community! Petition” and the goatee badge campaign. If you’re a fan of this great show like myself please help revive it, if for at least the remainder of this season.