Trying this new Mastodon Thing

So amidst the mass migration from the hellscape that Twitter has become, the focal point for the mythical social network utopia has become Mastodon. Or to be more accurate the fediverse which is a federated decentralized social network experiment. Mastodon has become the most popular applications of this new space on the inter webs.

Anyways, one of the cool things about the Fediverse is the way to self-verify your account and get yourself a checkmark. Or so it is in theory. But so far, executing this self-verification process has proved quite elusive. It’s something called rel= “me”. Basically, after you create your profile and join one of the many decentralized servers in the mastodonverse, you can paste some html gobblygook on one of your websites (ie, this WordPress blog). Link to it on your mastodon profile and then voila! You’re verified. My latest attempt is following the instructions from this blog. Hopefully this post will do the trick.

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