I am now living the iPad Lifestyle

Back on December 27, 2015, I had purchased an iPad Air 2 with a wireless keyboard and was imaging a life using an iPad as my laptop replacement. Almost 3 years later (minus 21 days), that day has come. When I got the new iPad Pro (2018 3rd generation model), I was wondering if I could record a podcast and do all that entails to posting said podcast online without the aid of another device (laptop, chromebook, etc.). I found a video on YouTube by Christopher Lawley, about this possibility using an app called Ferrite. I tested it out and recorded a podcast episode for the first time on an iPad Pro and successfully completed the task with no other devices.

My mind was blown. I could not foresee this outcome 9 months ago when I was without a laptop and I had to use a chromebook and my iPhone to do this exact same task. Needless to say, my mind became made up, I returned my 2018 MacBook Air and 12.9″ iPad Pro (512GB model) and consolidated those funds into an iPad Pro 12.9″ (1TB model). I’ve since posted another episode with my new iPad Pro and I couldn’t be more psyched about the possibilities and what my future without a laptop will be like.

Not only did I save myself around $1,000 with this decision but this iPad Pro will hopefully get me back to my creative roots and I start drawing again. That was always my initial intent for getting the iPad Pro but I just could never justify the price. However, using it as a computer as well as a means for a creative outlet, I’m much more satisfied making this purchase without an ounce of regret.

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