Establishment Democrats, Progressive, Socialist, and Somewhere In Between

In recent months I’ve been discussing politics more and more with a few coworkers of mine and it was interesting seeing where our viewpoints were parallel and where they diverged. One coworker’s viewpoints leaned socialistic, the other one was more in line with the current Democratic Party and the Establishment Democrats. My viewpoints were somewhere in between those viewpoints. I definitely agreed with the Socialist that the system is corrupted and that money needs to be taken out of politics for the betterment of society. I even agreed with him that the global economic state of capitalism is the root of all the suffering because the business model is the pursuit of profit at the expense of everything else. All the wars and suffering and climate change can point towards capitalism as the cause and effect. I however, don’t have his optimism of belief that a global social consciousness will erupt out of all the economic disparity and turmoil that is currently happening. At least, not in our lifetime.

With Team Blue, I agreed that the majority that the Republicans currently have in office is causing a lot of harm in our society and that people who keep voting them in are voting against their self-interests. However, I don’t agree with voting Blue no matter what you do. There are bought and paid for Democrats that will also legislate against their constituents self-interest and vote for those that paid for their campaign. That kind of corruption is counter productive and perpetuates this seesaw tide of Team Red for a few years and then Team Blue for a a few years and back again. The reason for the tides is that the public feels like they aren’t getting their needs met. They’re needs are not met because they keep voting in the wrong candidates.

This brings me to the Justice Democrats, the DSA, Our Revolution and other progressive party movements. I believe, at least for the time being, that by pushing more progressive minded candidates, who do not finance their campaigns with lobbyist money but with grassroots and small money donations (from their constituents). By voting in these type of candidates in with each year of elections, I believe they can enact a change that will be for the betterment of our country and eventually the world (especially once we withdraw from all these needless wars that we’re involved in).

Mr Team Blue would disagree and say I’m too stringent and extreme in my needs and Mr. Socialist would say that it’s pointless to just look at the issues from a nationalistic point of view. I agree that the whole world needs change and reform; however, I don’t see a real answer on how to tackle the world’s problems all at once. I think, starting with our country’s issues first, is a good start.

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