Chrome Experiment Didn’t Last Long

I tried to live in an all Chrome world. I really did. It went well for two days. And then I wanted t do something that wasn’t possible on an all Chrome World. I wanted to download mp3s that I bought on Amazon to my computer to put into my iTunes Account, which would then match them and also upload them to my Google Music Account. None of that is possible on Chrome alone. I don’t do this often. Most of my time is still on just my Chrome browser. But occasionally, there will come a time when I will need to use something more than just my Google Browser.

Along with that, Black Friday came around and I saw a great deal on a PC on Amazon. I purchased and am now happily using my new Windows 8 machine and my MacBook Pro has been shipped and inspected by Gazelle (looking forward to my check so I can pay off the card I used to buy my new computer). Windows 8 isn’t so bad. I do like the tile interface. It doesn’t seem more than just a skin though. Once you click on a tile to open an application it looks like any Windows computer you’ve used in the last decade, for the most part. My new item was only $200 dollars more than the $249 Chromebook I wanted to get, which still seems t be sold out.

Was happy to have tried the little Chrome experiment even if it didn’t last too long. But at least I know now more than ever, that I don’t have to download that much software on my computer. Just the essential ones. The rest can be done on the browser.

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