Hulu Has A Hit With Battleground

I just finished watching this 13 episode series in less than a week and I already cannot wait for a second season. This show follows the Wisconsin Senate campaign of State Senate Deidre Samuels in a documentary like fashion (think “The Office”). But unlike the other shows of this medium, there is actual interaction between the camera crew and the ones being filmed.

The writing is pretty smart and the characters are rich and 3-dimensional. Even the main character, campaign manager Chris “Tak” Davis is flawed. I even think it’s reminiscent of “The West Wing”. And it’s a Hulu exclusive. The question is, will this warrant a Hulu Plus subscription. For me, right now it’s still a no. If they have two or three more shows like this I may rethink my current stance.

Fortunately for me, “Battleground” is currently available for free on the Hulu website; otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to view this show in the first place and appreciate its brilliance. Definitely give this show a chance. It’s only 13 episodes after all.


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