Back On The Android Bandwagon With My New HTC One X

I know I know. I said I wasn’t going to go back to Android anytime soon. And yet, here we are and here I am.

I felt that all the stars were aligned for me to make the jump back to Android. Between the HTC and Samsung models there are very few differences that make one more compelling than the other; except, for a few intangibles thanks to my phone carrier that made my choice much easier.

Both devices are just 16GB models on AT&T (though the Samsung phone does have an expansion slot). For me, that leveled the playing field. What gave the HTC the edge was that it still has the free Dropbox storage promotion attached (25GB with HTC, 50GB with Samsung with qualifying carriers) and of course, it just has a better overall design. Lastly, it was only $119 on Amazon Wireless (about $135+ with tax).

So here I am with my new phone typing out this blog entry with the new SwiftKey 3 keyboard and I’m loving it. Already put my iPhone back on Gazelle (it actually went up in value from the last time I got a quote), and I don’t believe I’ll be looking back.

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