Goodbye Android… For Now

My Galaxy Nexus came and went. I got to play around with it for a few days. I enjoyed the whole interface, the way apps worked on it, the way the notifications are less intrusive than the slide-down version on iOS and just the overall speed and snappiness of the device. My only gripe with my experience had nothing to do with the Galaxy Nexus and everything to do with AT&T’s network.

Unfortunately for me, their HSPA+ network is no better than the current 3G network I have to endure with my current iPhone 4. Because of the same slow data speeds I didn’t feel justified spending $400+ on a device that was just as crippled as my current device. I also didn’t think I would be able to endure it for 4 months and then chance that my experience under T-Mobile would suffice my need for speed. I’m pretty sure by then I would be more adamant for LTE than I am now. I really want my device to have it all.

So with a heavy heart, I returned the Galaxy Nexus back to Google and will await until my contract expires or maybe even till Black Friday for my next Google experience. I definitely see myself going back to Android OS.

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