Finally Making The Jump To The Android Side

Around the time that I blogged about my intrigue/concerns about the new Android phones that were coming out and/or where available, Google decided to make an unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus available on their Google Play store. Needless to say, this has been giving me the Android itch even more. The appeal of a pure Google experience, without a contract and with the ability to use on more than one network went to the forefront of all my smartphone thoughts and questions.

On the one hand, it isn’t the most up to date hardware in terms of specs when you compare it to the new HTC One X or the upcoming Samsung Galaxy III phone. On the other hand, it will always have the most up to date Android OS, when one is readily available, it won’t be bloated with 3rd-party software, it’s not all that behind the new up-comers and it’s still an update from my current iPhone 4.

I kept jumping back and forth between waiting till after the WWDC and or just to hell with it and just buy the damn phone already. One reason for my hesitation is that maybe the new iPhone might blow me away and convince me to stay with iOS for another two years. It has been a fine OS for 3+ years so far and I haven’t ever had any issues with it. Except for when it slowed down my hardware and I had to upgrade to a newer model (which happened with my 3G that made me jump to the 4 as soon as I could).

The more I thought about it though, I realized that I do feel ready for a change. I want a new toy that will challenge me and teach me something new. I learned everything I could do with my iPhone or rather what I would want to do. Short of playing in the jailbreak/Cydia world, I’ve done all I want on my iPhone and I’m sure the new iOS in the works isn’t going to change the current layout all that much. I’m ready to try something more customizable and open to other capabilities and open-source software.

With that final epiphany I made the plunge and made the purchase. I should be receiving my new unlocked Galaxy Nexus in the mail within a few business days and the Google Android world I’ll be exploring.


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