Back With Some Old Habits and A New One

It’s been quite a while since my last entry.  Been meaning to write a few posts but I got bogged down with real life and some old pleasurable pursuits. Work both at my job and at the home is ever all time-consuming. On top of that I’ve re-re-rekindled my love of reading and of course there is always good TV to watch.

With my new old distractions back in full force there is only so much time in a day and so other things get neglected and put to the side. The biggest casualties were of course my social media accounts and this here blog (which I guess is the same thing). I decided to finally address this somewhat. I took yet another long look at my social network accounts and decided the best course of action is to weed out the ones that I’ve used the least.

Twitter was the one of the first to go (again!). It seemed that  I would check in on my twitter feed on an average of once every 2 weeks or so. I would share links on my twitter accounts through other sites and services (via or a tweet this button on said websites,) more often than I would read what other people would have to share. This made Twitter less social and more of a chore so that was an easy choice to make. The other social network I decided to dump was this new one that’s mainly used on a smart phone called Path. My wife added the Path app to our iTunes collection a few months back and I decided to give it a spin.  I was relatively active on it for a few weeks and then after a while I just stopped (like I do with just about any other social network I initially try).

I’m keeping my Facebook and Google+ accounts live for very simple reasons. Google+ is already attached to my email account and I won’t be getting rid of that anytime soon so why not keep Google+ as well. As for Facebook, out of all the social networks that I’ve used, I visit that one the most and still find it useful to find shows and events around my neighborhood. And heaven forbid I make my wife a “Facebook Widow” for the 3rd time (or would this be the 4th time? I’ve lost count).

Now with the old habits out-of-the-way on to my new one. For a few months, I’ve been debating about switching over to veganism or vegetarianism and I have inquired this idea with one of my favorite independent and podcast authors on Facebook, Kimberly Steele. She even has her own vegan podcast. She gave me some food for thought (no pun intended). I was still on the fence for a bit, but then a food allergy scare that afflicted my wife and a viewing of the eye-opening documentary, Fork Over Knives, and we switched to vegan diets the following day.

We’ve been mostly vegan for about a month now and have both lost about 8 pounds each (there has been some lapses with honey and some products that have contained whey protein). We definitely feel better and look forward to continuing this new path in our lives.

And now you’re all caught up with what I’ve been doing these past few months. As always, I promise to try to be more active here but who’s to say I won’t falter again (it has been known to happen). The next few posts will probably be about the past few book series that I’ve absorbed.


8 thoughts on “Back With Some Old Habits and A New One

  1. That movie has influenced me as well. I’ve changed a lot of my eating habit. I’m not 100% or even 50% vegan but I’m making small changes. I think everyone should watch it!

    • Damn straight! That documentary is a must see. And it isn’t preachy at all. I never thought I would ever give up meat of any kind. I used to love me some chicken, eggs, and the occasional visit to Five Guys. Not to mention all those milk-chocolatey goodness things I used to over-indulge in. Yet it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. I’m actually enjoying the taste of vegetables and salad in a way I never thought I would be possible. On the bonus side I’m using my juicer again. I’ve been feeling bad about letting it collect dust for a few years. Now that isn’t an issue for me anymore 😀

      • Julio, have you ever blended up frozen chopped bananas? They turn into soft-serve ice cream. I’ve also heard they have a decent veggie sandwich at Five Guys, is this true? 😛

      • Last time I went to Five guys I’m pretty sure there menu consisted of beef franks and burgers. Then again I wasn’t looking for meat alternatives at the time. I’ll check their menu online to verify.

    • Small changes are great, Tameeka! As you know from watching Forks Over Knives, dairy and meat products are implicated in causing autoimmune disorders. My mom has MS and she’s slowly phasing out health-destroyers like cow’s milk and canned tuna. At some point, all will know this information and I think the future will bring general awareness of much better it is to eat plants.

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