Week 18 of Weight Training: Reassessment Time

Another week came and went. As promised I exercised more regularly this time around. I even started running (I was actually pleasantly surprised by how much I am enjoying it despite how tired I feel on my rest days). I also stayed within my calorie budget. But to no avail.

Despite my best efforts I gained another 1/2 pound and am back up at 227 pounds. So for 18 weeks I’m 3 pounds behind my quota. Obviously I’ve plateaued and need to change something else. Which leads me to the recourse I’ve been trying to avoid. It seems I may have to break up my meals from 3 normal size ones to 5 smaller ones and add yogurt to the diet. Supposedly this helps speed up my metabolism and I think it has worked in the past when I did do this.

The only problem I have with doing 5 smaller meals a day vs. the normal 3 is that this method leaves me in a perpetual state of hunger. I can’t tell apart my cravings from my hunger pangs when I do the 5 meal routine. It’s very distressing and there are days when I get migraines because I can’t stop thinking about eating. I’m going to slowly transition to this phase and see what happens in week 19.


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