Music Makes Your Day Go By

In the past few days, I have been in a pretty good zone. Been posting on this here blog and at the NoF ezine-turned-blog and there is a little secret to it! Well maybe not really, but it’s a little trick that has worked for me. It is a little thing I would do back in my high school days but have seem to forgotten and now I’m using it once again.

In high school, whenever I wanted to get myself in cartooning or writing mode I would listen to some of my favorite tunes, any songs that I was really into and just let the melodies, rhythm and beats take me to another place. Before you know it the day has gone by and I would have a completed piece of work. It was wonderful and awesome and I can’t believe I forgot how music would keep me focused on the things that I needed or wanted to get done. Podcasts have something to do with that.

Since 2006, I discovered and have enjoyed podcasts tremendously. This also happened to coincide with the time that I was falling out of love with some genres of music so listening to something that wasn’t music was quite refreshing. Podcasts also have led me audio-books and Since then I’ve been listening to mostly podcast shows and books. Music was always at the bottom of the things-to-listen-to list. The only times I would really listen to music is if I had a small commute to do or a very small errand that wouldn’t give me enough time to listen to a podcast or audio book while I was doing said action.

This past week however, I was falling behind on too much consumption and I had a lot of thoughts that I wanted to express. With so many thoughts bouncing around in my head I didn’t want to add more ideas in my already cluttered mind. Music became the go to choice. And it paid off! I got many blog ideas out of my mind, got my podcast episode recorded and posted. I even dwindled my in-box down to single digits!!! All that and bucket loads of housework out of the way. I’m still behind on my web-comics and some blogs but hey, Rome wasn’t built overnight. Kudos to listening to music while getting your groove on!

3 thoughts on “Music Makes Your Day Go By

  1. I am with you all the way here, bro! Music is my go-to choice when I’m in productivity mode. I am definitely far more productive when listening to music versus audiobooks or podcasts. Now you see what I mean when I say I’ve cut my consumption down.. It’s hard to enjoy the works of others and still get stuff done, yanno?

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