Sorry Jehovah! Not Buying What You’re Selling

This was not a planned entry, but this just happened and it was awesome and I just had to blog it right away. Somehow, two Jehovah witnesses sneaked into my building and were getting their preaching/recruiting mode on, when they had the bad fortune of choosing my door. They tricked my sister-in-law into thinking they were UPS or Fed-Ex, so when she opened the door she was in for an unpleasant surprise.

Fortunately for her, I was just getting out of the bathroom (which happens to be next to the entrance), to get my shower stuff. I noticed she was just standing by the door and her arms weren’t moving to receive a package so I turned off the ventilation fan to hear what was going on. As soon as I heard, “in John…” I knew what the situation was.

Both my wife and sister-in-law are nice. Too nice to a fault. So naturally, my sister-in-law was just standing there politely listening and wasn’t going to tell them to leave. It didn’t help that they were two elderly women talking down to her in a motherly fashion. (mind your manners and all). I, of course, have no such inhibition (and I had a shower to take). This is how the rest went down.

Me (Stepping right behind my sister-in-law): “you’re not allowed to solicit in these premises. If you don’t leave now I’m going to have to call the police”

Jehovah Witnesses (looking offended): “we’re soliciting?!”

Me (with a straight face): “yeah you are. You need to leave now”

I calmly close the door as they shamble out the building and quickly take my shower so I can get this post up. What a great story, right? Well maybe not but I thought it warranted telling. My wife thinks I was too rude but I thought it was rude for them to sneak in and harass uninterested people to buy into their religion. Give force in kind and all that.


10 thoughts on “Sorry Jehovah! Not Buying What You’re Selling

  1. LOL! That’s AWESOME, bro.

    Did they really trick her into opening the door? That’s an instant DENIED in my book! It’s folks like that giving religion a bad name, for believers and non-believers alike!

    We get the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses every now and then. I sometimes just tell them I have a strong relationship with Satan and I have to go eat a stray dog I just found. It usually works wonders! =oP

    Sadly, my morbid curiosity gets the best of me at times so I may hear them out to see how far they’ll go with it. Pretend you’re a little interested and it gets really fun… That’s probably mean, eh? I have my moments. =o]

    • I did think about saying something like “sorry we’re pagans and we worship the flying meatball god” but I didn’t want to make my sister-in-law any more ashen than she was already getting when I did what I did do.

  2. LOL! That would have been GREAT!!

    I’ve seen you “shut doors” on people before so I know how you can get when the beast within wakes up. RAWR. Mild-mannered Clark Kent turns into THE FLYING MEATBALL EATER!!!

    Hey, that could work… =o]

    • Picturing my old high school self again. I’ve much mellowed out since. I’m still sharp with my commentary but my aggressive meter has dropped significantly since post-college.

      • I think I’ll take your word for it, bro. I’m sure he’s all right to hang out with but living with him.. No bueno. The lesson: choose roomies wisely. Haha

        I’m allowed to be a tad bit bitter on that count. =o]

  3. Yeah, I never really met that Julio you describe. He is opinionated, but not really like that. However, I would have been a little nicer to those ladies. But I do agree that it wasn’t nice for them to get in by tricking people.

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