My Day Without Internet Is Barely Tolerable

For a couple of weeks my cable modem has been having connection issues. At first I didn’t think much of it. I just went through the motions and would unplug it for a minute or so, plug it back in and life would return to normal.

One day the issues were more than usual. I thought the weather might’ve done something to the cables outside so I called Cablevision to address the issue. They had me do what I normally do, only unplug the cable from the modem as well and then re-tighten it. This seem to do the trick and the technician said that everything seemed fine in my neighborhood. Of course, as soon as I got off the phone the modem started to act up again and I needed to repeat the process a few more times. I should have seen this as a foreshadowing of things to come.

Sometime today the modem wouldn’t connect to the Internet no matter how many times I did the usual rigmarole. I called Cablevision to ask them to replace my modem. While he processed that ticket number the technician also checked the service in my area and it turns out that there is an issue in my area. So sometime tomorrow I should have a new modem but I may still have connection issues until another technician addresses the cables outside, within 48 hours.

Needless to say I’m having withdrawals. I know I don’t have the worst issue in the world but I’m currently deprived of a style of living that I’m used to. I have no Internet which means no Netflix, no updating podcasts, no Hulu, no zipping through my emails and using Delicious to make up show notes for my podcast and blogging is reduced to what I’m capable of doing on the WordPress iPhone app (which currently is having some glitches when it comes to editing which is forcing me to use notes to type everything up and then copy and paste everything back to the app).

You might be saying well you have some Internet on your phone, right? Well yes and no. I have AT&T service and their signals aren’t strong in my area. With no Internet, my MicroCell, which is supposed to strengthen my signal, is nothing more than a paper weight. So for now, I have Internet speeds of about 528 kbps for download and 94 kbps for upload, which is just barely better than dial-up. And my ability to make and receive calls is spotty at best.

Maybe I’m being a bit grandiose but I’m starting to feel like I’m stuck in a bad CBS sitcom. Every time I make some kind of declaration that I’m going to improve my situation in some way, something immediately gets in the way. I said I was going to make an effort to lose weight and suddenly I struggled to get started. I said I was going to try to organize myself and be more productive and start by waking up early and the next day I have plans to go to a late night party. Two days ago I said that I’m going back to so I only have to focus on creativity and of course my Internet is kaput.

Right now I’m in the internet Dark Ages and feel almost completely cut off from the world (I can still communicate with people via SMS, email and social media apps; albeit, at a snail’s pace). I know things can be far worse but I really don’t want to endure this for more than a day.


Just got the new WordPress app update for 2.82 which is supposed to fix that editing glitch problem. But before I even got to use it. I decided to plug-in the old modem for shits and giggles and Eureka! I have internet once again! Woot! At least until it crashes again. But in the meantime I’m I can get some stuff out-of-the-way 😀


10 thoughts on “My Day Without Internet Is Barely Tolerable

    • I hope so. It didn’t exist before. I guess a lot more people noticed before I did and made noise lol. I usually do my blogging on the computer. The app is for last resort only (like right now).

      • LOL.. I give props where props are due. Apparently there was an update that fixed my issue as my internet came back. So somehow my rant got to the cosmos before I posted it and made my solutions happen LOL 🙂

  1. I’ve had similar problems with cable access over the years. People think I’m crazy when I recommend DSL over cable but it’s the lesser of the greater evils. DSL companies tend to throttle connections less, give faster response to trouble tickets, and provide better customer service. I’d have DSL now if it were offered in my neighborhood but Knology has been okay.

    One thing I notice is that the cable companies recycle a lot of their modems and try to pass them on as new equipment. It seems silly to me since they rent them out anyway. Why not just retire them after a while? I mean, who do you know that turns off their cable modem when it’s not in use? I can’t think of anyone, though I let it cool off every now and then.

    Sorry about your withdrawals, bro. My only Internet backups are my Blackberry and Wi-Fi hotspots via cell phone (which works OK on the Android platform). My business endeavors thrive on Internet access so I’d probably just jump off a cliff if I lost my Internet access for more than a day. LOL

    Now, let’s talk about that WordPress app? Isn’t it GREAT?? I love how you can view the stats on there. The excerpt feature is actually better than what offers currently. They did a great job focusing on the real meat of the publishing platform with the WordPress mobile app. 8)

    • It’s funny how when you first mentioned how you can see stats on your BB I had no idea what you were talking about and then they finally implemented that feature on the iPhone app a couple of weeks later. It’s a pretty spiffy app and the new upgrade did fix that editing issue (just checked it out). Right now I keep going in and out with my connection. I really can’t wait for tomorrow when I get a new modem to replace my current machine. I never thought to unplug it at night when I go to bed. It makes sense since I do that with my computers all the time. My issue of course is that everyone in the house has different hours so when I’m off to bed, the night owls are up using the bandwith. I might have to do it like once a week or so. I never did like DSL. It’s so damn slow and their prices when compared to cable are outrageous. Though if there was FiOs available in my neighborhood I would jump on that in a heartbeat.

  2. The iPhone app must work with a connection-oriented protocol or something.. I never get disconnected with mine, but it is a tad bit slower when sending large updates and posts through, which is expected. I love the app. It keeps me productive no matter where I am!

    Heh.. Don’t worry: those things are not meant to be turned off. If they’re smart, they have it set to go into power-saving/standby mode during idle. I have my modem and router set to power off during hours I know nobody is up so it DOES get a break. Still, I power cycle at least once a week to give everything a break. Leave it off for a few minutes and enjoy the outside world. LOL

    DSL is great. The prices have become much more competitive. Cable tends to be expensive once you get past that introductory period. You have to compare apples with apples. On paper, cable may be faster but, really, DSL tends to have less packet loss and is more stable. It all depends on where you are.

    When I lived in the Bronx, I lived practically across the street from the CO, so the connection was god-like. That connection beat anything I’ve ever seen before, FiOs included (which, mind you, fiber optic is mainly hype but that’s for another time). I had DSL from Covad, Speakeasy, and AT&T.. All were great experiences.

    With broadband, it depends on your use. If you’re downloading lots of stuff, cable is seksy. It’s great for streaming too since you’re mostly downloading when you stream anyway. If you’re doing anything with a persistent two-way connection, such as online gaming, it isn’t always that great… But it all depends.

    I had to upgrade my cable package to the “ultimate” package just to get it to where I had my DSL at before. After all the upgrades, DSL and cable are about on-par.. So it’s a moot point for me, unless you’re providing more context. 8)

    • So which is it? They’re not meant to be turned off or try to do it once a week? Lol

      To be fair to DSL, I never personally had it. My brother had it and whenever I surfed the web on his computer it was so damn slow. It could very well be that his computer could have been at fault with the horrible experience as he wasn’t really up on computer maintenance at that time.

      For the moment it’s a moot point. Cablevision is my only option where I live. And up until now, I haven’t had any issues so there isn’t much to complain about.

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