Week 10 Of Weight Training: Almost Broke Down But Didn't

This past week was a little mentally stressing for me. Don’t want to bore you with the minutiae of last week but it deals with my toils of podcasting and I do a little rant about it on episode 12 that should post in the next upcoming days (Tuesday, June 7, to be exact).  Anyway, because of my frets and worries (first-world worries to be sure. I have nothing on what’s going on in Japan, or Haiti, etc.), I broke down when I went shopping for some groceries and bought some Chips Ahoy cookies.

I know, I know, the last thing I should be doing is getting comfort foods when feeling a bit stressed out  and  I should actually be exercising more. But that’s what I did. Surprisingly, however, despite my little fall from grace, I was still good with my moderation and only splurged into my snack when my caloric count warranted a little reward. I didn’t let my little stress get too me too much and because of my somewhat good resolve I still manage to lose another 2 lbs in week 10.

I’m now 228 lbs and 185 lbs is only 43 lbs away. It doesn’t seem too implausible a goal anymore. With my new gig working at The Highline park at my old neighborhood of Chelsea, I’ll expect to be even more physically active and just shedding more weight. This past week of doom and gloom is now behind me and I only see sunnier pastures on the horizon.


3 thoughts on “Week 10 Of Weight Training: Almost Broke Down But Didn't

  1. Personally, I like to cheat a little on diets and have the occasional cookie or whatnot. (Cookies are my downfall. =__=) I feel like cheating on food is good for the soul. o_o Cheating on people….not so much. ;] (And food won’t cry, but people will.)

    I hope your week gets better/is going better. I hate those mentally stressing weeks; I don’t even know what you were going through and I still did that flinch away like UGH. (The word stress makes me want to hide under the nearest desk and pray to God it doesn’t notice me.)

    Sheesh. Also, this comment box is right next to your favorite podcasts. That’s a long list. You should try out Stuff You Should Know, too. And I still need to check out Keith and The Girl. o_o

    Happy Sunny(er) weeks ahead. (or else)

    • The problem for me with cheating is usually the portions. I usually like to eat a lot of cookies. I was a big cookie monster fan in my youth (now he says cookies isn’t an everytime food or something like that. What a PC world we live in). So for the first time in my life I’ve been spoiling myself but in moderation which is just great.

      As for sunnier days, I’ve definitely been experiencing that. Been doing nothing but standing and walking in the sun for six hours a day. I’m glad I’ve been carrying sunblock with me the whole time and today I even thought ahead to bring an umbrella (today was a heatwave). So it all worked out. I’m getting plenty of exercise and I can eat cookies and ice-cream when I get home d(^-^)b

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