Week 9 Of Weight Training: Lost 2.5 lbs This Time Around!

I intended on doing more walking this past week and more walking I did. This past Friday, in fact, I walked a ridiculous 2 hours and 5o minutes straight which was followed by a measly 1o minutes or so of dancing (yes 10 minutes. I was tired from all the walking! Give me a break?!). I say ridiculous because I generally walk at most 30 minutes every other day. Friday was different as I did a little sight-seeing.

Claudia and I ventured to the northern part of Manhattan, within the vicinity of Washington Heights, into Fort Tryon Park to check out the Cloisters. Claudia has gone to the Cloisters in the past for her interior design studies and her recanted tales of her experience there has made me quite curious. It was definitely a fun trip. I got to play the role of tourist and took a multitude of pictures of all the byzantine and other Middle Ages artifacts (I normally hate playing the role of tourist but I made the exception in this case). Here’s a link of all the photos I’ve took of the trip if you’re interested.

Anyway, I was more active than I’ve been in some time and the results are definitely validating my change in lifestyle. This time around I lost 2.5 lbs and now weight 230 lbs. 12 pounds in 9 weeks! It’s definitely a great feeling to know that my efforts are paying off. It also feels great to wake up in the morning and having a spring in your step. I’ve forgotten how that feels and I don’t intend on losing that anytime soon.

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