Cute Overload Got Me Again

One of the many blogs that I rarely get a chance to catch up on in my Google Reader is Cute Overload. Last night, while I was killing some time in between dance breaks at a party (I don’t dance much so the breaks were many), I did some catching up. I’m a sucker for cats (I have two of my own) so obviously there is a bias but this video of a mother cat calming down her kitten from its nightmare was just too adorable for me to resist. Play it down below for yourself and see if you won’t melt. Answer: if you don’t find it the least bit adorable something may be wrong with you. Then again, I may just be biased.


5 thoughts on “Cute Overload Got Me Again

  1. I am a victim of cute overload too. This was all over Facebook and practically everyone I know tried to share this with me. It is seriously cute. I felt like a girly boy as I held back the obligatory “awww” on this one. Damn you, Interwebz!!

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