Week 8 Of Weight Training: Still Going

I was definitely more productive this week. Did a lot of blogging, housework etc. Not much in the way of exercising but I’m definitely going to aim to improve that this week.  A friend of mine who has run 5 marathons now has given me some good tips on how to develop your running pace so I intend to do a lot of walking the next few weeks. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be running the NYC marathon as well!

Anyway, back to the point. I weighed myself and lost yet another pound. I’m now down to 232.5 lbs. My folks are saying that I’m definitely looking slimmer. I of course can’t tell but I do feel much healthier, more energetic and more agile than I’ve felt in some time. My spirits are definitely up and this is by far the longest I’ve held to a weight training program consistently. I do feel like I’ll be going the distance this time. Maybe because I’m taking it with a steady stride of 1 lb a week and not expecting the impossible. Who knows? I’m definitely running out of title ideas for these entries LOL.


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