In Love With My New Yeti Pro

Since I started podcasting, I’ve been a fan of Blue products. My very first mic was the Blue USB Snowball. It was a nice little mic that had a good recording quality. To make thing easier to record with Claudia we got a mixer and a couple of Blue 8-ball mics. Life with Blue has been fun.

So it was to my utter delight, when Claudia surprised me with my newest addition to my collection, the Yeti Pro. It is very versatile (it can be used as a USB or analog mic) and the sound quality is by far the best I have yet. I redid the opening and closing credits with my new mic and recorded the latest episode with the Yeti Pro as well. Needless to say, I’m impressed by how much better I sound with this mic. I’m looking forward to using this new mic some more.


My glorious Yeti Pro with Blue Pop filter




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