Week 7 Of Weight Training: Need To Snap Out Of It

Another week goes by and another half pound lost.  As good as I feel about still losing weight I still feel that I’ve left myself down. This past week has by far been the least effort I put into my weight loss. Granted, I was preoccupied with being  unemployed and wasn’t watching my calories too carefully. Not to mention that it has been several weeks now that I’ve done some serious exercise besides some sporadic walking.

I’m going to try to put a stop to that. I know myself and if I keep going down this path I’ll eventually stop watching how much I eat again and the weight will once again be on the rise.  I can’t lose focus of the goal. I need to stay proactive and I plan on doing so this week.


5 thoughts on “Week 7 Of Weight Training: Need To Snap Out Of It

  1. Keep at it, my friend!

    I find I really enjoy exercise once I get to it but, like independent work, the toughest challenge is regimenting yourself and carving out the time consistently. I have exercise equipment, work-out videos, Kinect fitness games, and plenty of space but I fail to stick to a schedule because other things take the forefront. Folks that struggle with being a self-started also have to contend with the compounded effects of external influences and variables. You got loved ones, on-call work, things breaking, family emergencies, meetings, and all sorts of distractions competing for your time. It’s a tough mix!

    Anywho, I look forward to your next blog entry. Right now, your blog looks like a lifestyle or fitness site, which is cool.. Just bring us more geeky goodness and random thoughts, please! =oD

  2. That’s all you got? I’m disappointed. I thought this was WordPress, not LiveJournal, Jack LeLane. J/K! Reading all this fitness talks makes me want to eat some Twinkies, followed up by our classic three or four-hour basketball sessions. LOL =oP

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