Woes of Self-Hosting

You don’t realize how good you have it at WordPress.com until you start to self-host your own blot. All week I have been having issues with spam, the site going down, HTML errors, incompatible plugins, reCaptcha API key link issues and so on. I sort of expected most of those issues. But nothing prepared me for the issue that just transpired after my most recent post. My Feedburner RSS Feed stopped working!

I have been a Feedburner booster for years. I even suggested it to somebody recently. I love the ability to jump between hosting services and not have my jump affect my subscribers because the feed stays the same. It has been a valuable and always-reliable service. So I was shocked when it stopped working because of a meta tag!

At first I thought something happened to my site again (as it has happened throughout the week), but Feed Validator showed that my sites feed was a valid RSS. So if everything is fine on my side of things why is Feedburner going kaput? My other Feedburner RSS feeds seem fine (which is good otherwise the podcast would be screwed too!), so why is this one having issues?!

I couldn’t figure it out so I decided to resolve the issue “Julio From NY” style (my highschool buddy, Yomar would get a kick out of this). I nuked the feed and recreated it. It seems fine now. Both my original feed and the “new” Feedburner feed is up and running again.

How this will affect my current readership, I have no idea since the RSS feed is exactly the same as the original (well actually it’s spelled in all lowercase this time around instead of a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters). According to the stats I now have 0 subscribers, but once I post this entry I don’t see why my “original subscribers” won’t receive it as well, since the URL is essentially the same. I guess we’ll find out together. Feel free to comment below whether or not this blog post got to you or not. I could use all the feedback I can get.


After updating this post a bit, with the new RSS Feed, I got the same issue again but then after 10 minutes or so it righted itself out. I decided to experiment and change the RSS FEED back to it’s original form (http://feeds.feedburner.com/JulioFromNy) and it seems to be working fine now. I guess Feedburner was just having a hiccup at the moment in time and I should’ve just waited it out. I guess you live and learn.


4 thoughts on “Woes of Self-Hosting

    • I like The Hook’s proposed retitle. ;o)

      Now you see why I’ve put off migrating Y3B after all these years. There’s quite a bit we take for granted over on WordPress.com; namely, constant bug fixes, automated services, and automatic browser-specific conversion.

      Speaking of which, I noticed that WordPress.com blogs look much cleaner on the Blackberry than WordPress.org blogs. Of course, you can get the self-hosted experience to mirror WordPress.com functionality just not out of the box. They have a plugin/extension for everything.

      Hmmm.. A cicada just tried to suicide bomb me. Just thought you’d like to know. This particular species makes a sound much like a duck, as opposed to the usual electrical noise chirp. It’s very curious.

      Oops.. Getting back on topic, these self-hosting woes are nothing a little SEO, SMO, and reusable code can’t fix! 8)

      • Yeah. I’m using the free version of the wp touch plugin that makes my site look almost as clean as a wp.com site (they have the pro version for free I believe). And yeah I do realize how much I took wp.com for granted. But I’m still glad about the change I’ve made all the same 🙂

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