If I Were To Debate My Older Self…

If I had a debate with my younger self, I’m not sure if I would win but I definitely would be more drained in attempting such a feat. My younger self was more stubborn, more ignorant and therefore more self-assured in his opinions, more youthful and energetic (obviously) and saw things in black and white more than I do.

As I’ve gotten older and more wiser (well more experienced for sure), I’ve acquired a bit of hesitancy and doubt in myself and in my actions. Things just don’t seem as clear and obvious as they use to when I was more naïve and saw things in broader strokes.

I see more than one side to every story and see the merits of each argument. It sometimes drives my wife mad how I over-analyze things today. My younger self would just see his point of view and stick with it no matter what. I’m now more willing to take a step back and hear the other side of the story before assessing the situation.

To debate my younger self would be an exercise in futility because for the most part my younger self wouldn’t necessarily listen to what I have to say. He would rather spew out his two cents and demand that I “see the light”  and agree with his assessment. My current self is ok to just agree to disagree.

4 thoughts on “If I Were To Debate My Older Self…

  1. I contemplated similar thoughts recently. It’s interesting to see how we change over the years, especially when considering priorities and core values. I think the youth, as a whole, merely lives for the moment and, as grow older or mature (hopefully), we are humbled and start to see the bigger picture (again, hopefully).

    These days, every action I take leads to one key question: what value does this hold for my life and the lives of others? There’s a lot more forward-thinking in our old age, whereas our younger, more naïve selves foolishly think we have conquered and seen it all.

    As a life-long learner, I pride myself on being as self-sufficient as possible but, the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know. You can’t know it all or be a master of everything. The sooner we learn that, the easier it becomes to have a more deliberate direction in life rather than living for the moment.

    As for arguing with myself, I’ve never been much for debate and that is even more true now. The difference now is that, like you, I’d be more inclined to concede than to put up a fight. I feel that you can only guide people and put forth your truths. Whether it is accepted is a whole other matter. You simply can’t force such change!

    I’d definitely tell my old self not to waste time and money on MMORPGs. Those games are EVIL! LOL

    1. But would your old self comply instead of spit at you and retort, “Screw you old man, WOW rocks!!!”? LOL. I think that’s true. I remember being sure that I knew everything and that I was always right. Now I know there is no way in hell I could know even a fraction of a fraction of something completely. There is so much to learn and know, it’s endless.

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