Week 4 Of Weight Training: Another Pound Lost

I promised myself that I would exercise more this past week but didn’t. Apparently that week of fun I had is still having a lasting effect. I couldn’t get a regular sleep schedule going. Of course my newest acquired hobby of website building did play a factor to all this as well.

Moving over my blog and podcast sucked out a lot of time and I fell asleep at 2 in the morning on most nights this past week. Not that I’m complaining. I learned some new useful html and WordPress tips that will help me along my DIY path. It was creative energy well spent. This week though I do have to get some writing done. Got a new ezine article I need to write for and of course the writing program I re-enrolled in.

But back to the main point, I lost another pound despite myself, yet again. I started this change of eating habits 4 weeks ago at 242 lbs and am currently 236.5 lbs. In previous weight loss attempts I would lose 5 lbs in one week easy. A faster more youthful metabolism was probably the biggest factor in those previous times and despite that I would eventually lose focus and put on the weight again. This time around I believe I’m doing it right and will keep on course. I think the slow results are proof of that and all the more rewarding.

I would like to say that this is the week I will definitely commit to exercise but this week also happens to be finals week for my dear wife and so most of the apartment will be in disarray as she prepares for her school work, which will leave me very little space to do any jumping around. I will at least try to walk more this coming week. All in all,  losing one pound a week has been fun and enjoyable so far.


2 thoughts on “Week 4 Of Weight Training: Another Pound Lost

  1. Hi Julio,

    Good to hear you’re enjoying your success.

    I’m working with HealthRally, a new software company focused on health motivation. I found you via your tweets, so I’m assuming you are health-oriented, tech savvy and like to try new things. We’d like you to try HealthRally and give us feedback before we bring it to the public.

    HealthRally.com is a private social network where you choose a health goal like losing weight, pick a reward that could motivate you, and then invite your close friends and family to cheer you on and motivate you to succeed with pledges toward your reward.

    It’s a new approach, and we are seeing our first group of users achieve their goals and have a bunch of fun in the process. I know it sounds cheesy, but my friends helped motivate me to lose 10 pounds!

    Can I send you a link to try it out?

    Just send me a note at brian@healthrally.com


    Brian Kopleck
    Community Outreach

    P.S. I been trying to make my own website as well, just starting to learn CSS now. Fun stuff, huh?

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