Changes Coming Soon To This Blog

After setting up my podcast to my liking, thanks to hostgator, I decided to self-host my blog as well. It will probably take the next few days for me to fully import all my blog entries and all. However this transition won’t be to painful for everyone.

For those who have subscribed via my Feedburner link, you won’t have to do anything. Life will continue as normal. However, for those who clicked the WordPress subscription link (which is no longer up on the page), sorry to say you’ll have to re-subscribe with the new Feedburner mail link now posted on the sidebar. I do apologize for this inconvenience.

I probably should’ve kept both subscription options as Feedburner options, the way I originally did. But I usually try every new feature that throws at me. For that I apologize and I promise I’ll keep everything through Feedburner from now on.

As for the domain name, it’ll still be Just type that in the next few days instead of the long-winded and you’ll be at the right location. Until the next blog entry.


One thought on “Changes Coming Soon To This Blog

  1. Love the new changes in your virtual space, my friend! I’ll be migrating some of my content as well (namely, Y3B) but I will keep my link alive for legacy purposes, so to speak. $20/year to redirect the traffic I’ve garnered over 5 years isn’t a bad deal! So much work to do, so little time… 8)

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