What A Crazy Week It’s Been

I feel like I’ve been at full throttle non-stop this week. Granted, most of my activities were recreational and therefore more fun than business but I still feel a bit winded by it all. And I still have stuff to do during the weekend?!

So quick recap, Monday through Wednesday I went to comedy shows non-stop. Thursday housework chores and errands took up my day. Today I had a job interview that I had to run to (and hopefully I nailed it). In between all of that I recorded a two hour plus podcast and spent most of my free time editing it (by the way it’s now up if you’re interested in listening to it, heh-heh). I also re-enrolled in the Long Ridge Writers Group. Currently, with a lot of free time on I have no excuse preventing me from completing the course this time around.

And of course I exercised and moderated my meals and those things alone can drain the energy from you when you’re not use to eating properly or moving around. Anyways, I’m thrilled. It may not sound like it from the previous two paragraphs but I love the hustle and bustle. I hate it when I have too much free time. I just have to get use to this amount of activity. But I couldn’t be smiling any wider right now.


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