Week 1 of Weight Training: Inspired To Get Fit

Recently, I heard about how Jennifer Hudson lost 80 pounds using the Weight Watchers system. I found that to be amazing especially because of all the tragedy that surrounded her the past year or two. Lesser people would’ve went into a downward spiral of depression and given that she was overweight to begin with, that would’ve been an easy choice, to go on a food binge.

But instead, Jennifer Hudson found the resolve within her to shed the weight and improve her lifestyle. I have none of the problems she’s faced and I no longer have the excuses I used to have to fall back on for my flawed weight issues (lack of time because of commuting, lack of sleep etc). After two months and some weeks of slacking off I finally got off my lazy butt and decided to seriously take some action.

Now I’m not using the Weight Watchers system like Jennifer Hudson did. Instead I opted for the free iPhone app called Lose It! At the start of this past week, I was 242 pounds with 42% body fat. My goal is to lose 50 lbs in 50 weeks. It’s a moderate goal of 1 pound a week but I don’t want to discourage myself so early in the game.

For the most part I kept to my daily calorie count. Some days I even had hundreds of calories to spare. The one day that I fumbled a bit was on Friday, but I made it up by punishing myself with an hour of the Tae Bo instructional DVD. Needless to say, I’m sore all over. I’m even feeling soreness in places I didn’t know had muscles.

So today was my weighing day for my first week to see how I did. I ended up with 243 pounds and 36% body fat. Now I’m not sure how accurate the body fat sensors of my old Tanita scale are but  the optimist in me wants to believe that the extra pound in weight is due to muscle mass. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I can’t let this get me down. I need to move forward and I intend to walk it off later today. Probably some calisthenics as well.

7 thoughts on “Week 1 of Weight Training: Inspired To Get Fit

  1. Tae Bo is great, as cheesy as it may sound to some! Martial arts meets aerobics. It works!

    I think the “chew more thoroughly” trick works. You end up eating less, enjoying the food more, and getting comfortably full instead of disgustingly stuffed. I know it’s hard when folks like us are brought up to “clean up your plate” and we’re served huge plates of food growing up.. But it helps undo some of the stomach stretching that the years brought about, I think. =oP

  2. Yeah I’m trying that little trick as well. Also drinking a cup before my first meal. The biggest problem is cutting down the starch. I so love starch. But moderation is the name of the game 🙂

  3. I did tae bo 5 days a week for about a good 8-9 months prior to Kenny and I getting married. The weight was a little slow to come off, but eventually I did lose 12 pounds. I got really tired of Billy Blanks, so I decided to try zumba or other methods of working out, but honestly nothing has worked as good as tae bo! So starting today I’m going to start back up again, maybe I’ll just leave the tv on mute and turn on the radio so I don’t have to hear him, lol!

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