What Was That Video?!

After posting my last  blog entry regarding free site building options I got a pop-up window with the following video:

The heading above the Video was “Well Done”. I guess it was in reference to me keeping up with my post a week pledge and actually exceeding my quota. It was silly to say the least but not sure if this was the type of congratulations I was looking for. I give WordPress.com props for keeping things fresh and fun. And we could use a little silliness every now and then as well. Why not?

The wp short code (wpvideo 5kIs7WFc), that I tried to use as per the pop-up window’s suggestion wasn’t working so I had to google “David Hasselhoff flying video” in order to find the clip that I got to see. I ended up getting the whole video but to sum up: The clip of the video that was shown was the part where he’s on the motorcycle but is also flying (at 1:51 if you want to just fast-forward to that silly scene and just circumvent this horrible video). Enjoy. Or not. Your choice.


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