I Love My Cats

I am a self-proclaimed cat lover. Dogs are ok but they are too much maintenance for my taste. Cats are about the right amount. I like their independent spirit, their desire to be perpetually clean (albeit their way) and just how cute they are in about everything they do. They can’t help it. It’s in their very essence. Open up the dictionary to look up the word cute and you’ll find a picture of a cat staring at you with their dreamy-bottomless-soul-piercing eyes.

I can’t fully express how much joy fills me whenever I gaze upon my two cats, Precious and Dulce (no I didn’t name them. It’s a long story). They’re siblings who are such polar opposites and yet they found a way to burrow into my heart. I know this is such a sap-filled entry that is so saturated in sweet it may cause tooth decay or give a diabetic an attack but one of the cats (Precious) inspired this entry today.

Precious is our male cat with a black and white coat that looks like he’s wearing  a tuxedo with spats to boot. He’s usually quiet, docile, and sleeps throughout most days. Unlike his neurotic sister, Dulce, who has a coat of orange, black  and white splotches and at times can’t seem to stay still. This past week, he seemed more placid and inactive than usual and I began to wonder if he was suffering through a bout of depression or boredom.

This is Precious. Look how lax he is.

This is Dulce. Shh, she's sleeping!

When we lived in Bridgeport, he had multiple bedrooms, a living room, a basement and even a sun room to explore. Since we’ve moved to Brooklyn he’s been reduced to a living room/dining room/kitchen and a bathroom to explore. There were times when we’ve felt bad that he now has less space to play around in but what can we do? Anyway, today was a warm enough day so I opened up the window and he seemed to be the happiest I’ve seen him in some time.

He couldn’t stop staring out the window and exploring the little bit of living room/dining room/kitchen that we have and just being more active than usual. Later today, while I was watching TV, Precious jumped into the coach curled up next to me, content and of course wanting to be petted. It’s rare when Precious asks for our attention and demands that we pet him and it just warmed my heart to pet him as he rumbled and purred by my side. As I’m finishing up this blog entry, Precious is sitting on a chair next to me. Call me a softee but I just love my cats 🙂


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