Finally, A Way To Make Firefox Blazing Fast On My Mac

If you’re a Windows issue than obviously you’re using Firefox as your main browser of choice, right? If not well then shame on you. As a Mac user I’m always jumping back and forth between Safari and Firefox. I use Safari because of its speed in surfing.  I use Firefox to for sites like WordPress, where Safari just can’t function properly or where my add-ons come into play.  Now with this new trick I learned over at, I can now use Firefox for all my web surfing needs.  I just love streamlining and convenience. Now for those that are techphobic, no need for concern. The steps are very straightforward and easy. I recommend you copy and paste the instructions on a word processing or text application of your choice and go on your merry way to make Firefox your main browser (if it isn’t already). For those that don’t want to click on the link above here are the instructions on speeding up Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox is currently the most popular web browser used to surf the internet. Another one, the Google Chrome is also becoming popular mainly because of its speed and the developers are also bringing up the most essential and useful add-ons for it.

In this article, we are dealing with the ways to speed up Firefox 3.6 version. I have tested all of these ways and have made sure that these will work on the 3.6 version of Firefox. Most of them might also be available in the forth coming versions of Firefox. Here are my suggestions to speed up Firefox 3.6.

• about:config Hacks

1. Type about:config in the address bar and hit enter.

Speed Up  Firefox 3.6

2. Click on i’ll be careful,i promise!. Don’t just say that and do wrong! You should be careful.

3. Now in the Filter box, type the ones given below one by one along with changing the value of each one to true.

NOTE: To change the value, just double-click on the required one.

Speed Up  Firefox 3.6






4. Now type network.http.pipelining.maxrequests in the filter box and change its value to the number of tabs you open in Firefox at a time. For example, if you usually open 10 tabs, then put its value to 10. Just double-click on it to change the value.

5. Now right-click anywhere on the about:config page and select select Integer from the New option. Type content.notify.backoffcount and click on OK. Now set it its value to 5.

NOTE: Mac users could use Ctrl + click instead of right-click.

Speed Up  Firefox 3.6

6. Again right-click anywhere on the page and select Boolean from New. Type content.notify.ontimer in the box and set its value to true.

Speed Up  Firefox 3.6

7. Right-click and select Integer from New and enter content.notify.interval as the preference name and give its value to 500000. It speeds up web page loading.

Speed Up  Firefox 3.6

8. Select another Integer and give the name as content.switch.threshold and set the value to 250000. This is also done to speed up the loading time of web pages.

9. Create another Boolean named content.interrupt.parsing and set its value to true.

Speed Up  Firefox 3.6

10. Select Integer from New once again and give the preference name as content.max.tokenizing.time and set its value to 2250000.

Speed Up  Firefox 3.6

• Add-ons to speed up Firefox 3.6

Using add-ons like Fasterfox could speed up your Firefox browser. Some other add-ons that could help you speed up your Firefox 3.6 browser are FastFox ( same as Fasterfox ), FireDownload ( Speed up Firefox downloads ), Extra Fasterfox ( same as Fasterfox ), Vaccum Places ( speed up Firefox 3.6 startup ), Speed DNS ( Make browsing faster ), Tweak Network ( Speed up web page loading ) etc. You could also block the advertisements in web pages using Adblock Plus add-on to speed up web page loading in Firefox 3.6. Search for many more add-ons and try them to speed up your Firefox 3.6 browser.

I am sure doing all these or some of these correctly could make your Firefox 3.6 faster than before and run it smoothly. Of course, there are more ways to speed up Firefox 3.6, so if you know more, please do share them by commenting below.

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