Finding Comraderie On The Long Commute

Usually on my commutes to and from work I find a seat to myself and either listen to my iPod, read a book or just sleep until I get to my destination. Today something a little different happened. Unlike the usual empty two-seater that I occupied, most of the train was full and I ended up having to share a four seater with someone. By the time we got to Stamford, more people proceeded into the car and there was three of us.  All of a sudden one of the females started to lament about her 2 1/2 hour commute from Manhattan all the way to Bridgeport, CT. My interest was piqued and it was like a valve of pent up frustration was released and throughout the rest of the ride to Grand Central we were all sharing in this same experience of forced commutes because of a bad economy and our desire to live in New York City.

It was a gratifying experience to realize that I wasn’t the only one suffering this miserable plight. Many others are also commuting from New York, to CT for jobs that are secure and are lacking within their residence. We all felt each other’s pain and it made the trip all the more bearable. Once we got to Grand Central we all went our separate ways, strangers once again. But for at least one moment in time we were a temporary community with the same trials and tribulations. And that made all the difference on the rest of my trek back home.


2 thoughts on “Finding Comraderie On The Long Commute

  1. I cannot fathom a 2 hour commute by train. My commute is now 20 minutes by 1979 Lincoln Continental, and I am trying to decide if I should get a new stereo or keep the original 8 track stereo.

    • Yeah I know. I never saw myself in this predicament either. However, Claudia is now only 3 blocks away from school and unfortunately the job market being what it is, I’m forced into this long commute until something closer comes along.

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