Resparking My Love Of Reading

Roughly two weeks ago I re-registered to the New York Public Library to help facilitate my pledge to myself to read more. After many years and countless hours, TV finally lost some of its luster and I figured it was about due that I start working on my brain’s imaginative abilities again.

Unfortunately for me, all the books of all the authors that I was interested in were unavailable so I was left with no choice but to put them on my hold list and wait. This Monday, I had 4 books waiting for me and within two days I already finished one of them.

The Book in question was “Blood Price” by Tanya Huff. This is the first book of the “Blood” series. I was a fan of the Lifetime show that was adapted from these books called “Blood Ties” and I figured why not give them a read. Obviously, I was quickly drawn in and am looking forward to adding the rest of the series in my queue (after I finish reading the remaining books in my possession).

I’m pleasantly surprised that my reading comprehension and speed hasn’t diminished much in its dormancy and I look forward to developing my gray matter further. Nonfiction would probably be the next best step but I have a short attention-span and very little inclination for that genre of literature. I’m going to have to gradually work myself up to it. Baby steps and all. Not that I’m complaining. After all, I heart fiction.


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