The Julio From NY Show Episode 54: Super Happy Birthday Bowl Sunday

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Show Notes for Episode 54: Super Happy Birthday Bowl Sunday
-Sorry for the autotune song by Ken Darms
-Super Bowl is on my birthday
-Are people who just read really smarter than the average joe?
-TV show cancellations
-Going to a few art exhibits this week (sorry no Sacapuntas this time)
-Wrap up

Background Songs:
New York Minute by Mobile
Let Go by Frou Frou
Amarillion by Data Rock
Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear

Track List provided by Killbeat Music:
Love of One by Lee Harvey Osmond
Die Young by The Danks
Come On Forest Fire, Burn The Disco Down by Rae Spoon
Dessous Les Paves, La Plage by Corbin Murdoch & The Nautical Miles

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