It's Deja Vu All Over Again, But I'm Ok With That

So once again, after finishing the first half with the lead, the Jets lost the AFC Championships. This time around it was the Indianapolis Colts.  Unlike 1998, where the Jets were up 10-0 at the half, the score was 17-13 so it was a much closer game. Because of this, I wasn’t as heartbroken by the fourth quarter the way I was 11 years ago. I didn’t even think the Jets would go this far this year.  They’ve accomplished a lot with this rag tag group of players and I’m proud to call myself a fan.

Yeah they still had a shot and they made some bad key decisions that ultimately cost them the game. But they had both a rookie quarterback and a rookie coach. The odds were pretty much insurmountable from the beginning. And yet they still managed to beat teams “better than them” and make it to the almost undefeated Colts, who decided to take it easy with the last two games of the season. Which gave the Jets the swing of the pendulum they needed to revive their losing season and qualify for the wild card in the first place.

The Jets could not get the Cinderella story that they were seeking. They didn’t close the deal. They might not even get this good a chance again for a number of seasons. But they have potential with their new head coach and quarterback (provided they stick around for that long), and there is hope for a bright future.

I was screaming in euphoria in the first half of the game when the Jets were up 17-6. And I was a little quiet when the Colts closed out the half with a touchdown cutting down the lead to 17-13. But I wasn’t too devastated once the Colts immediately took the lead back with the first 6 minutes of the second half. I half-expected it. And I’m not too despondent because as I said, I didn’t even think the Jets were going to make this far.  Because of this I’m proud of them and look forward to next season.

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