Nothing Like Good Old-Fashioned Escapism

These past few weeks I was feeling a bit bleak due to my financial woes. This feeling was further besotted with my chronic cold and throat infection that always likes to rear its ugly head whenever I feel a surge of productive energy within me.  I thought I had already fought it off sometime this past November. But I guess it wanted to give me a two-fer of bed-ridden misery. So I did the only thing I could think of to ease my plight and cheer up my disposition. I grabbed a nice fantasy epic that I never had a chance to finish.  The epic in question is “Bone” by Jeff Smith.

Sometime in 1992 or so, when this comic was in its 2nd year, I read some reviews on it and immediately fell in love with the story and started collecting Bone.  Alas, it only came out every two months or so and by issue 21 I had financial woes once again and had to give up my once great past-time of collecting comics.  Luckily for me, unlike most comic books, that are like soap-operas, this story had an ending and the saga eventually was complete.  So with a Barnes & Nobles gift card I finally ordered it up in one big volume. It took me two days to fly through it and it was as wondrous an epic as I remembered.  There’s just nothing like a good tale, to take you to another world of wonder and awe and make you forget all your troubles. At least that’s how I feel. Now that I’m finished with Bone and I’m also feeling better, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things with my normal happy-go-lucky-self renewed.  Of course I’ll be re-reading another great epic from my childhood as well.  For any fans of The Lord of the Rings or a fan of fantasy in general, I high wholly recommend Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain Chronicles.  It’s quite a remarkable 5-book saga. Now on to adventure!


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