And The Misinformation Continues

I just heard a rumor that Sarah Palin was getting a gig with Fox News.  It seems that BBC has confirmed this rumor. Just great.  As if she didn’t cause enough mass hysteria and damage to this society on Facebook. Now she gets to do a show on the “fair and balanced” network to spread her agenda on an even larger and broader audience. As bad as this will be, for those that blindly watch that network and further indoctrinate themselves with misinformation, in a way I’m glad.  If you put all the blowhards and people of that ilk on the same channel it will be that much easier for me to block them out. With the exception of joke segments on the Daily Show, I won’t have to worry that she may pop up on another news channel or news show that I’m watching.  Now all they need to do is get Carrie Prejean to co-host with Sarah and maybe have Glen Beck be a surprise guest and they can re-enact a very sad version of the Three Stooges.


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