Redesigned the old website

Anyone who has checked out the site the past few days will have noticed that there has been constant tinkering going on. I created my original homepage with the Mac product, iWeb. Since getting my new computer, I realized that I’ve lost an essential iWeb file that prevented me from making updates to the site unless I started from scratch. From this little disaster, a simple idea began to manifest.

For some time, I’ve wanted to streamline the blog, the podcast and my homepage to one place. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do it for budgetary reasons and so I made do with the iWeb site and links and what not.  Now with that option becoming a new to-do and still being broke I decided why not just steer everything back to the wordpress-dot-com site. With this consolidation, I have, for the most part, achieved my goal.

Now obviously, this being a wordpress-dot-com site, there are limitations on themes, lack of plug-ins and restrictions on anything java or flash-based. But this is a free site after all, and despite those limits I think I made snazzy webpage all the same.  At least I’m pleased with the results. I even learned a new trick on how to implement a wordpress-dot-com approved flash audio player for the podcast entries (so there is more flexibility than I’ve previously known). There will most likely be more tinkering, from time to time, as I always like to try new things and I’m sure to learn more tips as I become a frequent visitor of the WordPress support page. For anyone disconcerted about learning a new web address all domain names point to here so navigation is not an issue.

For now this will by my new all-in-one site and it may stay like this for some time. I’d like to hear your thoughts, comments and anything else you may have to offer.

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