The blast I had last night that almost didn’t happen

Since I moved down to Brooklyn, ¡Sacapuntas! became a monthly congregation of comedy that I would trek to. Every month, for around $5.00, I would get to see a stellar cast of comedians, have the time of my life and then possibly mingle with them at the nearby bar, Slainte, after the show. It was a wonderful routine that I looked forward to with fondness and anticipation. However this month looked like it would be without my monthly indulgence due to lack of funds.

This of course had much to do with an over-expenditure on entertainment the previous months and my perpetual inability to find a second source of income. Luckily for Claudia and I, we were bailed out of this misfortune by a couple of charitable benefactors and the streak of monthly comedy got to continue. The cast this time around consisted of Andy Hendrickson, Tony Deyo, Myq Kaplan & Micah Sherman (doing a comedy song duo routine), Anthony Jeselnik and Richard Kind, of Spin City fame, capping the show off as the headliner. Needless to say, it was a great night of festive mirth and I was glad I didn’t miss out on it.

After the show, unlike previous nights, I decided I would stay around longer than I normally do and mingle with everyone. Along with fellow Keith and The Girl Fans (who have also made Sacapuntas a monthly meetup of sorts) I got to hangout and converse with other comedians that came to watch the show such as Victor Varnado, Myka Fox, Pat Dixon, Myq Kaplan and of course the hosts of the show, Ray Devito and Dan Allen. By taking that small step in socializing, that I haven’t been wont to do because of my crazy commute and a general feeling of self-conscious awkwardness, I feel like I’ve grown a little more as a person. Hell I’m even blogging about it right (See past entry on blogging)?

I even found out that Pat Dixon is a fellow Jet fan (which is rare as I usually only bump into Giants fans), and found solidarity as we recounted our shared experiences about this past season and our hopes for the upcoming postseason this weekend. Who knows? The Jets might make it to the AFC Finals. But I’m digressing.

As stated in the title, I had a euphoric unequivocal blast. I almost missed out on this cathartic experience and am forever grateful for my friends’ charity.


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