My continued push/pull struggle with accepting/rejecting Apple products

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have an ambiguous relationship with Apple products. I admit I’ve had less stress with their computers vs. my time with PC’s; however, I resent their self-insulating take on everything that Apple. Granted, that may very well be one of the reasons why their products work so seamlessly and smoothly because of that micro-managing style, but I hate being restricted from options.  Take for instance, the iPod.  It’s an ok mp3 player and it gets the job done but there are other mp3 players out there that are cheaper and better.  Unfortunately, iTunes only runs on the iPod, and since I’m a podcast listener, and iTunes has a better way of organizing podcasts and whatnot, I’m stuck using an iPod with iTunes.  Another item that I’m currently at odds with is iWeb.

iWeb is the software application that supposedly dumbs down website building and is part of the iLife line of products.  It’s an ok application and I initially built my website with it. It got the job done and I was somewhat satisfied with how it came out. That is until I got my new computer and realized that now, since I didn’t think to back up a particular iWeb file, I’ve now lost all the information of my website design.  I still have the html templates that iWeb originally created on my old computer (They were stored on the cloud via MobileMe), but since iWeb doesn’t import html templates, even ones it originally made, I’m stuck with the unenviable task of building my site from scratch once again.  In some sense, I guess this is good news as it has now set my eyes on WordPress and the possibilities rebuilding my site via that software.

Now onto the product that is pulling me back in to the Macverse. This may sound silly, but I’m enjoying Safari more than I’ve had in years.  Why, of all things, would a simple web browser make you gush so? You may ask yourself and I would initially agree with that sentiment. The answer to this, dear readers, is the iPhone of course. With MobileMe service, I have everything Mac synced with each other. This includes the web browser’s bookmarks, etc.  Yes this doesn’t sound like a good reason, and I’ll elaborate further. So with my web browser’s info from my mac synced to my iPhone, not only can I surf my bookmarks with a push of the screen but I was able to rediscover the RSS reader function of Safari.

For some time now, I’ve been using Google Reader to subscribe to blogs and a number of things with rss feeds because I liked the idea that I can log on to Google Reader from any computer.  Now with my iPhone I can take it one step further and look at RSS feeds wherever AT&T has a data network. And with the lag of my work’s servers I’ve been finding myself surfing the web on my iPhone more frequently than on my work computer during my breaks.  Not only that but the RSS reader on the Safari browser is much faster and more efficient than Google Reader on the iPhone, making my decision to quit Google Reader and transferring all my RSS feeds onto Safari all the more easier.  It also doesn’t help that for some time I’ve been avoiding Google Reader for some reason or another. Perhaps this new change will make me an avid reader once again.

So there you go. Apple found a way to make me want to use them despite my conflict with their self-insulating environment. It’s a constant struggle that I’ll continue having with them unless I choose to just complete give in to complete Mac-assimilation, or Linux or something else comes along that can truly stand alongside Apple as a great alternative open-platform option that will satisfy my technological needs.


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