Going to get more acquainted with WordPress: Possible end to Tumblr account

With my sporadic insurgent need to write, albeit, not necessarily creative, well thought out or profound, I decided to pull all my focus to my original blog and let the Tumblr account go to the wayside. I noticed, as I originally suspected, that during the holidays, when I had little time to distract myself with Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking site, I started thinking more proactively about my websites, blog and podcast. One might say creatively but I don’t think putting my unfiltered and non-constructed thoughts into the Internet ether really merits that label.

Regardless, I am feeling more and more compelled to puting my thoughts into text and posting them, regardless of how mundane or irreverent they may be. I do have Tumblr and Twitter to thank for this. One of the biggest reasons for my lack of output on my WordPress blog is that I put a lot of weight and scrutiny on myself before I even had a chance to type a letter; therefore, obliterating any chance of any blog entries getting posted. With the advent of Twitter and more recently Tumblr, I was more brazen and carefree in whatever I posted online. This lack of self-judgement made me realize more than before that I don’t necessarily have to make every blog entry, New Yorker, or New York Times worthy. It’s just a place for me to put my personal thoughts, however ridiculous and just express myself and whatever I feel warrants any pondering.

I think, also, because I put this blog unto a pedestal of meteoric aspirations, placed on an obelisk of immeasurable despair, that I can’t help but write in the fanciful dictum style that I’ve been doing as of late. But unlike, entries past, I now do it more with pleasure of the english language (at some time in my life I dreamed of being a writer) than with nervous trepidation as my fingers click and clack with heavy pattering along my keyboard.

In short, well not really, I intend to once again blog with more frequency. Maybe not multiple entries a day (as I’ve done today), or on a daily basis in general. But I don’t think it’s farfetched for me to blog a few times a week. Especially if I embrace the carefree spirit I help cultivate when I typed away on Twitter or Tumblr. Because after all I’m just a mere amateur blogger so to hell with standards.


One thought on “Going to get more acquainted with WordPress: Possible end to Tumblr account

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